8 bit mp3:

Battle Bede 8-bit VRC6 N163 Pokemon Sword and Shield
MAMAMOO HIP 8 bit Cover 8.mp3
Can39t Be Erased 8 Bit Tribute to JTMusic DaGames amp Bendy and the Ink Machine.mp3
Red Velvet 39Psycho39 Pixel MV 8 bit Cover 8.mp3
Avengers Theme 8 bit.mp3
Masked Dedede 8-Bit Remix Kirby Super Star Ultra
Jack Stauber Baby Hotline 8-bit Cover
Skkijrven Polkka 8bit version.mp3
I Write Sins Not Tragedies 8 Bit Remix Cover Version Tribute to Panic at The Disco.mp3
Pumped Up Kicks 8 Bit Universe Tribute to Foster The People.mp3
We Are Number One But The Instrumental is an 8Bit Cover by Pocket Dokuro.mp3
Beneath The Mask 8-bit VRC6 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
Deltarune Field of Hopes and Dreams 8-bit VRC6